Start Your Banktruptcy for $100

While most attorneys require full payment prior to commencing work on your case, we, at South Orange County Bankruptcy, know that this is not always possible. To help you avoid delays in getting your fresh start and silencing your creditors, we are willing to start work for you upon receiving a small initial $100 down payment. Thereafter, the balance can be paid in payments over time up to 3 additional months or longer upon special premission. After the initial payment is made, we are immediately on the case! All we require is that you complete your remaning payment(s) on or before the date that we actually complete and file your bankruptcy case. Essentially, this means you control your own date of filing to correspond to when you can complete the payments. However, that does not stand in the way of us getting started and making meaningful steps towards getting everything ready to file.

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If you are in danger of losing your house, your car, or other property, and/or are tired of creditors' harassment, contact us today. We can help you decide if bankruptcy is for you. The only thing you have to lose is your debt, call now: (949) 916-1111.

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